About Us


  • We understand what it take to have great POS displays, as we have increased product sales by 40x in our outlets at the World’s Busiest Airport.
  • Following the launch of the Interactive Display Systems in our retail partner stores, DEEPLAY has played a great part in building powerful brand presence and help increase the overall product sales.
  • The launch revolutionized the conventional approach of displaying boxes on shelves, by increasing the sales value by x40.
  • DEEPLAY offers beyond the retail display solutions. Our aim is not only to improve live product demonstrations but also to deliver visible results in sales. We are dedicated to helping brands, stores, and customers with the use of our creative and innovative


Dubai Duty-Free named to be the largest airport retailer in the world with a captive audience of 90 million passengers. It is home to our Interactive Demo System that aids exposed brands and accommodate millions of airport shoppers daily.