• The DEEPLAY SCAN provides an opportunity to improve user experience by delivering an instant product video demonstration. The system requires less dependence on sales staff in delivering quality product demonstration to the market.
  • It allows retailers to present thousands of products and make it available over a network. The system supports a broad collection of product information and video demonstrations.
  • Suitable for brands and stores that look for quick solutions for space constraints on the shop floor.


  • The DEEPLAY SCAN is a one-stop solution in presenting extensive video demonstrations. Quickly activate the video by scanning the product barcode into the built-in scanner in the system.
  • The system operates in multiple language options suitable for the market catered.


1 Screen Commercial LED TV (Non - Touch) 24 / 7 Operation Capability
Customizable from 32" to 65" panel size
2 Exterior Sheet Metal (1mm)
3 Branding Graphics Plain sticker or magnetic sticker
4 Scanner Honeywell Barcode Scanner
5 Speaker Massive MX Series
4" x 6" Coaxial
6 Storage In - built media player
7 Power AC: 100 - 240V
8 Size Customizable