• The DEEPLAY ULTRA has a 37-inch HD LED screen and astounding audio quality combined with an elegant design. It amplifies store presence through the use of exceptional product demonstrations.
  • It serves as an innovative POS display to a wide array of products including electronics, toys, health and personal, beauty, and more.
  • Suitable for brands that look for quick solutions for space constraints on the shop floor.


  • The DEEPLAY ULTRA accommodates up to 3 product displays in a single system. Use the play button to activate the demonstration video that will appear on the LCD screen.
  • Each quick-response play button activates di erent product video demonstrations combined with high-definition audio that corresponds to the displayed product.
  • It is easy to operate with its one-press function and has a continuous operation capability.


1 Screen Samsung or LG Commercial LED TV (Touch Screen) 24 / 7 Operation Capability
Customizable from 32" to 65" panel size
2 Exterior Sheet Metal (1mm)
3 Speaker Massive MX Series
4" x 6" Coaxial
4 Cover Acrylic
5 Product Information Graphics Printed Paper
6 Buttons Quick response 19mm LED lit push button
7 Branding
Magnetic Sticker (Customizable)
8 Storage Micro SD Card
9 Power AC: 100 - 240V
10 Media
In - built
11 Size 100W x 49H x 42L